Regulatory Material Shift

Current Challenge

  • In-depth U.S. and Canadian regulatory material lacks relevance to global markets

SOA Shift

  • Detailed local regulatory material moved outside of the current FSA requirements
  • Regulatory principles and frameworks needed for pricing and reserving will still be covered​ in the FSA pathway
  • U.S. and Canadian content will continue to be available
  • FSA will qualify actuaries to sign General Statements of Actuarial Opinion
certificate icon
  • Stand-alone, optional regulatory certificates will be offered. Certificates can be taken when needed. ​
  • SOA is collaborating with regulatory bodies to develop the certificates​

Focus on Relevant Material

The current FSA pathway contains a significant amount of detailed local regulatory material for the U.S. and Canadian markets that may not be relevant to actuaries working in other markets. By moving detailed local regulatory materials outside of the current FSA requirements, you can focus on the material that matters most in your career.  U.S. and Canadian content will continue to be available to provide necessary guidance for general actuarial work. For those wanting to become an appointed actuary or work in valuation, a stand-alone optional regulatory certificate will be offered.

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