Faster Grading and More Frequent Courses

Current Challenge

  • Slow grading process
  • Infrequent exams offered
    2 times per year

SOA Shift

  • 4-week turnaround for grades
  • High-demand courses offered
    3 times per year

Faster Grading

The grading timeframe will be reduced from 11 weeks to four weeks. A similar schedule was tested with a high-volume exam in a recent grading pilot and was successful. We understand that timely feedback is crucial to your success. Grading will continue to be done to the high standards currently in place.  

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Courses Offered Up to Three Times per Year

We will offer high-demand courses three times per year, beginning in 2026, to give you more flexibility for planning and preparing amid your busy personal and professional schedules. The SOA will take care to avoid major holidays and ensure that no more than one assessment session per year interferes with seasons known for heavy workloads.


  • All assessments are exams and will be three hours in length​
  • Only two and a half hours of content and exam points will be covered, giving candidates extended time to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of material
  • Assessments will continue to be proctored and closed book​
  • Fall 2025 assessment dates will be similar to those in fall 2024​
  • 2026 assessments are tentatively planned for March 24–28, July 21–25 and November 17–21

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