Improved Syllabus and Source Materials

Current Challenge

  • Challenging source materials
    that lack focus and prioritization

SOA Shift

  •  Improved source materials with worked examples and practice problems
  •  Enhanced syllabus with guidance on order/path through the readings

Improved Syllabus   

To improve your learning experience, we will enhance our syllabus and provide you with a recommended order or path through the readings. Navigate the material with confidence, knowing that you are following a logical and organized progression toward mastery.

Abstract scene where a tube of light connects several arches. 3D digital render
Portrait of a serious young Asian accountant, banker. Sits working in the office with documents, laptop, calculator.

Better Source Materials

We will improve the source materials to include guided examples and practice problems. This approach will help you connect the material to essential learning objectives and give you more structure, utilizing your study time effectively.

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