Improved Source Materials

Current Challenge

  • Challenging source materials that lack focus and prioritization

SOA Shift

Changes being considered:

  • Enhanced syllabus with more guidance
  • Custom material where existing literature
    is lacking
  • Enhancements to existing material
  • Editing prior exam questions to be relevant for future assessments

Better Source Materials

The SOA is committed to improving your learning experience by improving source materials. Some considerations include enhanced syllabus with a recommended order through readings, guided examples and practice problems, customization of existing literature and making past exam questions relevant for the current syllabus. This approach will help you connect the material to essential learning objectives, navigate the material with confidence and give you more structure, utilizing your study time effectively. More information will be shared in 2025 as we continue to develop the courses.

Abstract scene where a tube of light connects several arches. 3D digital render

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